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                Post Test
                Post Test

                Post Test Services

                For JCET, every stage in the manufacturing process is critical, including Post Test. Our highly-automated Post Test systems achieve extremely high throughput while maintaining a zero defects standard of quality. Integrated within our Post Test process is automatic 3D (top, bottom and sides) inspection of every device package to eliminate any packaging flaws before the devices are shipped to the end customer.

                Final Marking

                JCET provides Final Marking services for customers who require multiple good bins to segregate their good units based on performance such as speed grading their devices. These services include:

                ? Final laser mark to in-tray devices

                ? Final ink mark to in-tray devices

                ? Final laser mark to in-tube devices

                ? Re-work ink mark for mold packages (using black top method)


                JCET uses large capacity ovens in a fully automated baking process with built-in oven control systems that control and monitor the entire bake cycle. This system automatically tracks the baking process until the lot completes the dry packing cycle and generates a moisture exposure tracking report at the end of the cycle.

                3D Vision Inspection Systems

                We perform 100% 3D inspection of every device using automatic scanners that check for planarity (warpage), pitch, orientation, marking and package dimensions. We also offer the capability to correct and re-inspect small defects in good devices to minimize waste (disposal of recoverable devices) at Post Test.

                Tape and Reel

                JCET provides 100% taping and de-taping capability. High speed tape and reel services are available for most package types to avoid late shipments due to bottlenecks at Post Test.

                Custom Post Test Services

                JCET also has the expertise and flexibility to support custom Post Test requirements, such as serialization of units and special IT data management requirements. We use automated visual aid systems to display a customer’s specified packing method and bill of materials. Label generation is also fully automated including the automatic generation of device-dependent, Moisture Sensitivity Levels (MSL) labels. We use vacuum aluminum packing bags with bar code labeling, but can also support custom requirements.

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