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                Memory / 3D Test
                Memory / 3D Test

                JCET delivers full turnkey test solutions for memory products that provide the lowest cost of test. We are experienced in Flash Memory testing, both single-level cell devices (NOR) and single-level cell and multi-level cell devices (NAND). As an example of a typical full turnkey solution, we test Flash Memory Wafers on a Memory Test platform, test a micro-controller wafer on a mixed signal tester, integrate Known Good Memory and controller die into a single package and test the final memory + controller system on a system level test platform.

                We have a long history of high throughput testing of Flash Memory devices in parallel in high volume production. To complement our high parallel testing capabilities, we also provide system level test services with parallel system test capabilities up to 320 test sites for all variants of SD, MMC and Memory Stick protocols.

                We have extensive experience and capabilities testing DRAM devices at the wafer level, package level and also at system level to confirm the firmware and functionality of the final system. We maximize throughput for 3D devices that include memory components by optimizing the number of test stages and test platform mix with no loss in test coverage.


                Primary JCET test platforms available for Memory Test

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