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                Mixed Signal Test
                Mixed Signal Test

                Mixed Signal Test platforms

                From simple analog-only devices to large mixed signal System-on-Chip (SOC) devices, JCET can test any type of mixed signal device. Taking advantage of its large installed base of mixed signal testers, JCET has extensive experience and has established best practices that enable it to stay ahead of its competition.

                High Throughput

                Driven by its large installed base of mixed signal testers, JCET has a team of engineers with expertise in high volume mixed signal testing. This allows JCET to focus engineering resources on the development of techniques and technology to maximize the throughput and first-pass yields on mixed signal platforms. One such example is the 16 site test setup shown below for testing 16 mixed signal devices in parallel.

                16 site mixed signal test setup with hard docking solution

                This illustration highlights a typical hard docking solution used for multi-site testing. This hard dock effectively fuses the test head and load board to the handler frame and eliminates any stray movement in the contact plane that could cause good devices to fail. Also highlighted in the photograph is an easy access that gives the socket maintenance team quick and easy access to the test sockets thereby maximizing the effectiveness of cleaning while minimizing tester downtime.




                 Digital & Mixed Signal









                 Fusion CX

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