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                RF Test
                RF Test

                Leadership in RF Testing

                As wireless communication standards rapidly evolve with new protocols, test requirements have become far more complex. JCET has extensive test experience across the entire spectrum of RF devices–from simple RF transceivers to the most complex RF networking or mobile phone devices.

                Advanced RF devices often require multiple test stages at both Wafer Level and Final Test. Our RF test capabilities are designed to maximize and stabilize first pass and final yields at each RF test stage. We also have Known Good Die (KGD) test strategies that enable our customers to minimize both test costs and test losses when testing these advanced RF packages and devices.   With the growing trend toward miniaturization, testing RF products becomes more challenging due the integration of RF components with any digital or baseband component to create an RF System-in-Package with extremely small dimensions. Youcan rely on our comprehensive RF packaging and test experience to deliver the best solution for your application.

                 RF        UltraFLEX
                 Fusion CX

                                                                                            Primary test platforms available at JCET for RF Test

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