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                Wafer Sort
                Wafer Sort

                JCET offers full service Wafer Sort production lines handling 300mm (12 inch), 200mm (8 inch) or 150mm (6 inch) wafers.

                Turnkey Wafer Sort Services

                JCET turnkey solutions provide the greatest value at the lowest cost. Working with a single supplier with a proven quality record also greatly simplifies your job. Full turnkey becomes even more attractive for stacked packages where the cost of a failure at package test can be multiplied by the number of dies in the package, since all dies in the package must be scrapped along with one bad die.

                KGD Solutions

                To avoid the high costs of a defect in a multi-die package requires a robust Known Good Die Wafer Sort solution with full test coverage at the wafer level across the product’s operating temperatures, so that all die are guaranteed to be good when assembled and tested in the final package and used in the final application.

                JCET offers proven Known Good Die test solutions to complement its leadership in stacked die and advanced packaging solutions that minimize the costs of testing these packages.

                Wafer Probers

                At the core of every Wafer Sort solution is a test platform and a prober. The following table highlights the primary probers used for Wafer Sort at JCET.




                 P12 (300mm), P8 (200mm), Precio (300mm)


                 Opus I (200mm), Opus II (300mm), Opus III (300mm)


                 UF3000 (300mm), UF200AL (200mm)

                Other types of probers are available at JCET factories to satisfy special customer requests. Contact us to request other probers not highlighted in the table.

                Wafer Sort Services

                For testing of 300mm (12 inch), 200mm (8 inch) or 150mm (6 inch) wafers, JCET offers:

                ? Clean room environments down to class 1K (1000 particles per ft3)
                ? Thin wafer handling solutions
                ? Hot temperature testing up to 150oC
                ? Wafer bake and bake retention services
                ? 3 camera, 3D, automatic wafer inspection system for Known Good Die, bumped wafers and Wafer Level CSP die
                ? Waffle pack for Known Good Die and bumped die
                ? Tape and reel services for all Wafer Level Products
                ? Shipping services for bumped wafers and Wafer Level Products in cassettes or canisters for thin wafers
                ? Prober network for real-time data processing and wafer mapping

                Standard Wafer Probe Services

                Standard probe services offered by JCET include:

                ? Cantilever probing up to 32 test sites in parallel
                ? Vertical probing up to 32 test sites in parallel
                ? 2 and 3 row staggered probing
                ? Sampled probing to lower the costs of Wafer Sort
                ? Probe card design, development and maintenance

                Wafer Sort Development Services

                In addition to probe card design and development, JCET offers a complete array of development services for wafer testing. Learn more about these services.

                Wafer Bump Probing

                Complementing its dominance in advanced packaging and Wafer Level Products, JCET offers full service wafer bump production lines for 300mm (12 inch), 200mm (8 inch) or 150mm (6 inch) wafers.

                Services offered include:

                ? Vertical probing 
                ? Cantilever probing
                ? Multi-site bump probing up to 8 sites in parallel
                ? Membrane probing
                ? MEMS probing

                Laser Repair Services

                JCET offers the following equipment for performing laser trims on a wafer.



                 Wafer Sizes

                 Electro Scientific Industries (ESI) 


                 300 mm (12 inch) and 200 mm (8 inch)

                 Electro Scientific Industries (ESI)


                 200 mm (8 inch)

                The ESI equipment uses a 1.3um wavelength laser to make laser cuts with a positioning accuracy of better than 0.20um (Model 9820) and 0.35um (Model 9350). It can also process wafers directly from cassettes to minimize wafer handling.

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